Water for the People, One Peak at a Time
Denali | 6194 m
Mount Logan | 5959 m
Pico de Orizaba | 5636 m
Aconcagua | 6962 m
Ojos del Salado | 6893 m
Monte Pissis | 6779 m
Vinson Massif | 4897 m
Mount Shinn | 4660 m
Mount Tyree | 4852 m
Mount Elbrus | 5642 m
Gora Dykh-tau | 5202 m
Gora Shkhara | 5200 m
Mount Kenya | 5199 m
Mount Kilimanjaro | 5895 m
Mount Stanley | 5109 m
K2 | 8612 m
Mount Everest | 8850 m
Kangchenjunga | 8562 m
Puncak Mandala | 4640 m
Puncak Trikora | 4730 m
Carstensz Pyramid | 4884 m

Climbing the 3 highest peaks on all 7 continents to support Water For People

In a ground-breaking series of expeditions, Challenge21 co-founder and renowned climber, Jake Norton, aims to be the first person EVER to climb the Triple Seven Summits - the three highest peaks on each continent - to help combat the world’s most pressing and fundamental development needs: water and sanitation.

The 21-peak goal will not be easy, for it includes formidable giants such as K2, Kangchenjunga, Logan, and Tyree. But, nothing worthy is without challenge, and the climbing goal of Challenge21 pales in comparison to the hardship endured by hundreds of millions people every day in their quest for basic human needs.

We intentionally set both the climbing and philanthropic bars high for Challenge21: over the next 3-4 years, our plan is to raise at least $2.1 million for our partner, Water For People, and to get at least 2.1 million people actively engaged in and passionate about the water and sanitation crises and solutions that reach Everyone Forever.

Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere, make a donation, and follow along in our journey!